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Your listing is the most powerful tool your organization has for connecting with's millions of annual visitors. Along with a Google Maps tool to easily locate our partners, listings on include contact information, social media links, a personalized description and the opportunity to display videos and photography.
Features Include
  • Listings information for Tours and Attractions, Arts Culture and Entertainment, Dining, Shopping, Nightlife, Sports and Recreation partners
  • Dining, shopping and nightlife options that are filterable by neighborhood
  • Information on professional, amateur and recreational sporting events throughout Chicago

We offer our partners a chance to better understand the visitor industry while, simultaneously, connecting with like-minded organizations and professionals. With educational and networking events throughout the year, Choose Chicago is committed to offering unique and relevant ways to grow your business. If your business or organization has something new to share and promote about your organization or business, contact us about joining in a special, twice yearly event.
Upcoming Events
  • Network & Seminar series event
  • HUG 2013

By joining us on sales missions and trade shows, your organization has the opportunity to meet face-to-face with some of the visitor industry's key leaders. With multiple outreach plans, including strategies targeting leisure markets and convention customers, your organization can tailor a strategy that fits your marketing goals.

Choose Chicago is represented at dozens of trade shows globally each year. These events offer a valuable platform for sharing your product or service with industry professionals or marketing your business to Chicago's potential business and leisure visitors.

Our Brochure Distribution Program is designed to provide exclusive display opportunities of partner offerings to Chicago's millions of annual visitors. Our partner organizations can display promotional materials, like brochures, at our Visitor Information Centers and McCormick Place. Prominently located near shopping, dining and attractions, our Visitor Information Centers are a highly trafficked resource for people visiting Chicago.

Our organization also provides a professionally trained, on site staff of visitor services representatives and, during warm weather months, a team of mobile Chicago information guides. In the summer of 2012, our Chicago information guides provided face-to-face assistance to over 38,000 Chicago visitors and locals along Michigan Avenue.

Create special consumer offers that appear in the "Deals" section and on the partner's profile listing on Partners can manage their coupon and make changes to their offer at any time via the Partner Extranet.

We offer custom advertising programs through Miles Partnership with a variety of platforms, including, our print and digital publications, and e-newsletters. As the single most influential visitor media company, partner organizations can work with the Miles team to leverage an exciting wave of advertising opportunities.

Official Chicago Visitors Guide
Circulation: 600K
Distribution: Direct mail in lifestyle magazines to key markets, direct request through, in-market at high-traffic locations

Meeting Professionals Guide
Circulation: 6K
Distribution: Direct mail to top meeting planners, the exclusive piece used by convention sales and services staff, fulfillment through direct request, industry trade shows

Travel Professionals Guide
Circulation: 17K
Distribution: Choose Chicago's exclusive trade show database, domestic and international trade shows and sales missions, via direct request.
All advertising opportunities are managed by our publishing company Miles Partnership.

For more information:
Ryan Thompson, Senior Vice President
Miles Partnership
d: 214-960-2974

The analysis of data is essential to gaining a complete understanding of the visitor industry. Our research department works aggressively to provide your organization the market intelligence necessary to elevate Chicago's profile and grow your business.

In the ever changing visitor marketplace, Choose Chicago works aggressively to promote the city's neighborhoods, cultural attractions and sporting events through the implementation of strategic marketing programs. By orchestrating citywide events (like Chicago Restaurant Week) and creating compelling, multimedia content on, we are constantly adapting to the expectations of Chicago visitors while, simultaneously, promoting our partner organizations.

Chicago's visitor's industry currently represents 128K jobs, $12B in direct spending and $726M in tax revenue. Choose Chicago's Public Policy Department, with its coalition of first responders, defends the interests of the visitor industry as well as our partner organizations. By joining Choose Chicago, your organization will have an ally that communicates our collective mission, successes and needs to key civic stakeholders.

When you partner with Choose Chicago, potential guests can book a stay at your establishment from the convenience of our website. The booking engine, which is prominently displayed on, allows visitors to schedule flights, reserve hotel rooms and even package their travel and accommodations.

Choose Chicago works aggressively to continually raise the city's profile. Partners wishing to invest additional marketing dollars wisely can access services such as search engine optimization, media buying and more. Choose Chicago's select team of marketing experts are committed to increasing your organization's authority in the digital space and visitor marketplace.


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